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Looks like that big name golfer guy sure stepped in a turd this time. Last count I think we were up to at least a dozen women he had on the side. And how ‘bout that war? Everyday I hear about somebody else who strapped on a bomb, killed himself and others and went to claim his 72 virgins. Man! The things people will do to get laid.

That gay American Idol boy sure knows how to get on TV and express his sexual desires. We got us some local celebrities. Several Mayors right here in our area are getting recalled and maybe going to jail for stealing taxpayer money. Every day I listen to hear what the latest development is on their cases. The president’s kids got a dog and saved a turkey. And some spotlight seeking couple found a way to sneak into the White House party.

You know, I’ve been trying to remember if I have ever made a New Year’s Resolution. I don’t think I ever have. I tend to agree with U2 when they said, “Nothing changes on New Year’s Day.” Word is that most New Year’s Resolutions are broken after 6 weeks to 2 months. I always figure that if something is worth committing to, there’s no need to wait till the new year begins. I can make a commitment anytime of the year. And that’s what I do. I committed my life to Jesus in July of ’72, and to Ms Sherry in June of ’75.

I’ve been thinking about a resolution. And here’s where I gotta do some repenting. I either laugh at or bad mouth those who make a New Year’s Resolution and then so easily break it. And I have always sighed and rolled my eyes at those who say they are going to break a bad habit, and in 2 days they are back to whatever that bad habit is. I’ve never had much understanding or compassion concerning the struggle involved in changing something about our life. Well, up until now? Now that it’s coming home to me, I got all kinds of compassion and mercy. I already know that the odds of my success are very slim. I know what I need to do, but the problem is that I DO NOT want to do it.

Here’s what I’ve been thinking about committing to. I know it would be good for me not to read or listen to any news reports. I grew up with a teaching that I think is not right. I was always taught that I need to stay informed, and I never questioned that thought because it came from so many adults that I respected. There’s only one thing I can think of coming out of the news that I always need to know and that is the weather forecast. In the building of stringed instruments, the weather affects everything I do. But I absolutely cannot think of one more thing I need to know. If you end up wanting to tell me my mind is bad; well, I already know that.

I can hear about a child who has been mistreated, or neglected, or maybe even killed; and I lay blame at my feet. I always try to work it out in my mind to see if I could have kept that harm from happening. I can hear about a child living on the west coast, and I still feel responsibility. I can’t resolve it, and I can’t get it out of my mind, and the conflict eats me up from now on. And every other child I hear about only adds to the weight.

I know we have lost fewer young men and women in this war than we did in Vietnam, but, one is too many for me. Everyday I hear about how many died and honest to God, I feel like I lost a family member. I can’t bring them back: I can’t stop the war: I don’t know them or their families, and I can’t move past their death. It infuriates me when our leaders want to honor those who have fallen. They want to call them brave heroes. But, I agree with Andy Rooney. He said he would rather have his friends back and celebrate peace and life. But, our leaders are not the ones going and fighting, and dying. And they won’t shut the hell up. I don’t personally know our leaders, and I’m not going to crash a White House party to try to meet them. And they are sending more young people to this war. I can’t stop it from happening, and I can’t live with it happening.

Oh, my gosh! Everyday there are a steady stream of Hollywood bed-hoppers. And seems most of them go into rehab at least 2-3 times. Mel putout the “Passion of the Christ”, and then left his wife for another woman. And we just can’t get enough of hearing about how a good man fell. There are TV shows and newspapers devoted to the excessive, abusive adulterous lives of those in entertainment. There is nothing I can do to stop them, and there’s nothing about them I need to imitate.

Here’s my big problem. I’m a man in a world full of men just like me. I don’t belong to this world, but sadly, the world is what it is because I have helped make it this way. The news does me no good, but I am just like my first parents. I want to know good and evil. And apparently I have spent a lot of my life wanting to know evil. I keep turning on the TV and the radio to find out what new shameful thing has taken place.

I am trying to approach this resolution with seriousness. What I am thinking to do is go without the news for a year. My love and hate for the news is such that I genuinely don’t know if I am man enough for the job. Can I leave the radio off, and avoid the TV news for a year? I don’t know. Seems almost impossible to do. I sure do enjoy the Amish. They concern themselves with what pertains to them, and they let the rest go by. And I bet they sleep better at night.

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