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I think James Dobson is the first person I ever heard speak about hydrogenated oil, and that was probably fifteen years ago. Dr. Dobson is head of Focus On The Family, and he is a family psychologist. Often, he speaks about the connection between the physical and the mental. What we eat quite literally goes into the making of our brains, as well as the rest of the body. And our mindset affects the body. Happy people have fewer problems with high blood pressure, heart trouble and the like.

Nowadays everybody is warning us away from hydrogenated oil. But, even way back then, I started paying attention to the subject, because I trust and respect James Dobson. We quite buying margarine and started using Smart Balance. Also, we quit with shortening and started using extra virgin olive oil. I was genuinely starting to feel good about the way we were headed until one day I did a scary thing – I started reading the ingredient labels on food items. We had gone to buying saltine crackers that were alleged to be more healthy than the regular. I read the label, and found they had hydrogenated oil in them. It’s in most cereals, non-dairy coffee creamer, and nearly everything else. I found out that aluminum is one thing that contributes to Alzheimer’s and discovered that it is in self-rising flour, some aspirins, non-dairy coffee creamers, antiperspirants, and the list could just go on and on.

So, I got this idea about eating more healthy; but, it’s easier said than done. When I was a young man I was ten-feet tall and bullet proof. I could work like an Egyptian slave all day, eat anything I wanted to, and I was alright. The body could take the stress, I healed fast from injuries and life was good. The older I get the more I’m figuring out just how fast flesh and blood breaks down. I got a back problem I can’t seem to get past, a torn rotator cuff, and skin that is slower to heal from the cuts, stabs, burns, and abrasions. My idea is to take as good of care of the body as I can, so I can get as much use out of it as I can before I’m dead. I don’t want to spend my last years all broke down and unable to do anything. I really want to go out like my chainsaw. Just before that thing runs out of gas and dies, it runs up to a high R.P.M.

I didn’t actually make a New Year’s Resolution. But, I am wanting to see if I can go all year without any news. In an earlier entry I mentioned how the news affects me badly. Yet, at the same time I got this powerful hankering to hear all that bad stuff. I think it’s sometime in the middle of January that most people flunk out on their resolutions. I haven’t flunked out. But today ain’t over yet! I actually turned the radio and TV off about a week before Christmas, and I haven’t listened or watched since.

And here’s where my plan about the news meets with my plan for clean living. I had no idea it would be so hard to get away from all the bad news. Looks like the news peddlers will stop at nothing to make sure they either worry or irritate the hell out of me. The news is where it always has been: I just never noticed until I started trying to get away from it. WalMart sells some glues, finishes, and sanding supplies I need for guitar building. The newspapers and gossip magazines are at the check-out so I can see how many of our young men got dismembered or killed in this war, and who in Hollywood is banging somebody new this week. I check my email and there’s news everywhere. People call me up or come into my shop and want to talk it. Now that I’m trying to avoid it, it’s like that damn hydrogenated oil.

You know, I’ve heard that a dog on a leash is not disturbed until he gets to the end of that leash. My friend Allen told me I should make good use of that time I used to spend watching and listening to the news. He suggested I read the Bible. Well, truth is that was already my plan. If I didn’t keep busy while the news was on, I was going to be steady wondering what was on the news. So I’m reading the Bible through again. I started in Genesis and I’m presently in Judges. When I came up with the “No news and read the Bible” plan, it seemed like a simple way to clean up my spiritual life. But, I’m starting to feel like that dog on a leash.

A couple of weeks ago Sherry and I decided it was time to clean the bathrooms. I don’t mean the sinks, commodes and bathtub. We knew there was medicine in there that was 20 years out of date and boxes of stuff that hadn’t seen the light of day in 10 years, and probably needed to be thrown away. We knew it would be bad, but we didn’t know it would be that bad. We got knee deep in junk, filled a big trash can bag, and ate up about half the day.

Seems the more I read the Bible, avoid the news, and in general try to include more good in my life and leave out more of the bad, the worse it gets. Like the news and the hydrogenated oil that’s everywhere; everywhere I look I find trash that’s filling my eyes and ears, and ultimately my mind and spirit. Good gosh! What a mess! And the cleanup plan looks easier than the reality of it.

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