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Well, let’s see. It’s been several years since I stopped by here with something to say. Since life is like a big rushing river, a lot of things keep changing. I don’t know when I’ll have opportunity to do this again, so I might just bounce around from one personal interest to another.

I think my last entry had to do with the prospect of hiring a communist president. He’s into his second term and making good on his communist leanings. As people in the past have always learned, we will also learn that communism doesn’t work. This world is fallen and the hearts of sinful men won’t allow for some supposed charitable system of government to work. And the big 4 letter word here is WORK. So many people tend towards laziness, but work is required if we are to have anything. If a person gets something without working for it, then that means something was provided for him by someone who is working. Hard working folks always allow for a certain number of freeloaders for a while. But, we finally get to the point that we have had enough. Communism does not work.

I never say that anybody has to agree with me. Now give me enough time and I will sometimes change my mind on things I used to believe. So here’s my opinion on something. When we came to this last presidential election I concluded that if we re-elected Barak Hussein, then it was a sign. Since he was re-elected. I am satisfied in my own mind that we are under the judgment of God. Just like people in the Old Testament I think we have ignored warnings, insisted on having our own way, rebelled against the laws of God, and have now brought judgment on ourselves. I think we have absolutely gone over a cliff and there is no possibility of getting out of judgment now. We have a free will, but free will carries responsibility with it. We can’t plead ignorant, and we can’t blame somebody else. We have done our own thing and now we are going to pay the high price. Some will want to blame God for not bailing us out of our own sinful choices, but there have always been those who refuse to accept responsibility for their actions.

Alright, enough of that! Let’s see. What else is new? I’m turning 59 and have decided that I am too old to be a lumberjack anymore. Hauling 6 foot logs out of the swamp was OK when I was younger, but it’s not OK anymore. The last two trees I harvested were a white oak and a sycamore. I intend to use up the wood I have in my shop and then call it a day as far as building goes. I hope to keep doing instrument repairs as long as I am alive. I expect to have a sycamore mandolin and guitar completed soon, and put pictures on my site so folks can see how beautiful that wood is, and so they will know I have added it to my lineup of woods.

I am a deacon in my church, have 4 grandchildren and 2 great children who married well, a girl who has kept me for 40 years, and I’m also the children’s pastor. For a guy who is old, gray long haired, smelly and cranky; that’s not too bad. My girl and I still have our fruit trees and herbs, and we love our quiet little life.

Please forgive me for going so long without updating my website. I tend to think I should be slowing down a little the older I get. But, I still get up early and work hard till the day is done. I will try to do better with my site though.

That’s it for now. I’ll try to check in again soon.

Makin’ sawdust & diggin’ the music.
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